Tuesday, April 8, 2014


VALENTINES DAY is thought to be the DAY OF LOVE, by young and old alike.  It is a day where chocolates enclosed in a pretty red box and red roses express unspoken words in ways that melt the receivers heart.  Many of us will be privileged to experience the spreading of warmth through our faces as these LOVE gifts are presented to us.  And let's be honest it feels good.  We ALL want to know that someone is thinking of us and feeling Love in their heart for us.

One of the most unique things about Valentine's Day is that it is a day that lends us the opportunity to show LOVE in many diverse ways.   The most encouraging example for me is when school children take boxed Valentine's Cards to pass out to everyone in the class.   Everyone receives a Valentine Card resulting in every child leaving to go home with a plethora of cards.

Although the experience of our childhood Valentine's Day has lost it's sense of awe now that were grown, we still have the memories that still bring happiness to our hearts.   The feeling of happiness is evoked when we know we will be receiving a card; but it's even more special when you weren't expecting to receive anything from anyone.

And more impactful than whom you received the card from, are the word expressed on it.  Just thinking back on those childhood cards, I believe they expressed sentiments that helped to build our confidence.  Sentiments such as:  "You're Special", ""I Think Your Sweet", " You Rock Valentine" and my favorite "BE MY VALENTINE".

This is the statement JCN Inc. will be asking members of the community during our annual "BE MY VALENTINE" LOVE SOCIAL.  Last years social was absolutely awesome and we would like to top it.  We are looking for partners to join our effort to show LOVE and bring a smile to the faces of many.

If you would like to donate money, food items or volunteer to help serve please call (850) 270 - 3181 or email us at jewelsconnection@hotmail.com.  

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